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As someone who advises CEOs and other corporate executives, heads of state, and countless technology, security, and intelligence professionals I'm often asked for recommendations on which articles and books to read. The requestors are looking to inform their worldview and make better decisions about the future. To identify data points that are contextual and important. This list is the weekly distillation of those data points.

"I am overwhelmed by the newsletters and other content showing up in my email every week, but one I truly look forward to every Sunday morning is The Global Frequency produced by Matt Devost. It is a short, incredibly well curated list of significant news stories from the last week. And by significant I mean thought provoking or strategically important, not the big stories you have already heard. If you work at the intersection of cyber security, emerging technology and public policy, you should absolutely subscribe." - Bill Phelps, Current EVP Booz Allen Commercial Cyber, former Global Lead Accenture Security

The list will identify the most important stories and perspectives of the week that should be in your decision loop as well as items from the fringe that exemplify an emerging trend or issue. What you do with this content is up to you.

The Global Frequency is a low volume mailing list (once per week) that highlights 5-7 news stories, books, or other items of interest hand curated by Matt Devost. Check out the Global Frequency Archives for past issues. The list is free to join and your privacy will be maintained.

Matt is a technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert specializing in counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, risk management and cybersecurity issues (Full Bio). All opinions are expressly my own and not representative of my employer or any other organizations I may be affiliated with.

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